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I’m in L-O-V-E with these
quilted loafer thingys by H&M! Can’t wait to wear them. Been on the look out for leopard printed ones to but haven’t found a pair with a good leopard print. I’m very picky with my leopard prints. 50% of my closet is leopard print. Such a sucker for it. If you know a good pair let me know. Also featured is my favorite iPhone Case at the moment. The “I Swear On My Chanel Noir” case. GET YOURS HERE!


soft pink
As previously mentioned (a thousand times) the Sealoe HQ will be black, white and pink. I’m obsessing over the combo and searching for inspo all the time. But, this combo is not only limited to office spaces. It’s REALLY nice to implement in your entire home with details. Goodbye winter gloom! Soo after surfing the web for a while I had a pretty nice collection of pink detailed homes and interior ideas I figured I’ll share with you.

pink3 copy
Super cool home by Swedish interior wizard genius Elin Kicken ( SOO AWESOME )
the edit
Fashion Print By Sealoe “I Swear On My Chanel” 50x70cm | Pink Pillows By H&M | Pink Curtains By H&M | Tom Ford Book

house of philia
House Of Philia showing us how you do pink without the Barbie play house feel.

I came across this super nice moodboard by Linn Lundholm with pink tape. GORGEOUS and creative!

If pink scares you – take baby steps with some fresh pink peonies


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Blogger Kristin Sundberg, blogger at posted these stunning pics from her apartment. Ah we feel soo serene and calm just looking at this. It’s like after a 60min yoga sesh in bali – complete, undisturbed serenity. Puh! Talk about positive balance at home?! Yeeez. We have skulls and old rock memorabilia everywhere and we love that but this would be nice some days to for rewinding. Kristin has the “Inhale Exhale” print in 30x40cm and the “Bon Appétit” Print. All framed with passepartout. We lurve passepartout. Want your own prints like Kristins? No worries, click on the links below. They are bestsellers..  And don’t forget to visit Kristins blog!

Inhale Exhale Print By Sealoe
| Bon Appétit Print By Sealoe


sealoeprintsSimplicity Is Key | The Beauty Of Simplicity | Inhale Exhale | Bon Appétit | Be The Voice Not The Echo

My baby sis took these awesome photos of the Sealoe print “The Beauty Of Simplicity” in basic but NOT boring black and white. I love this print! I figured I’ll recommend some of Sealoes simple and minimalistic prints. They are VERY popular and most of them are on our bestsellers list every single week! And also, a new print is born called “Simplicity Is Key” and we already found a place for it at home.  Hope you liked it! 



elle galan
Our favorite of the night was Theres Alexandersson in Ida Lanto (on of our fav gala designers at the moment) the grey-ige lace dress is just magical. We’re sooo in love with the cut, the way it falls and the two layering effect of it. Flawless! And let’s move on to runner ups..


These girls is def our cup of tea. We like it simple. Victoria Törnegren in a grand and glamorous all white evening gown with red as accent color for both lips and nails. We really liked it, very Marilyn-eque. The Fahrman sisters killed it in suits, that baby blue suit Frida is wearing – we need it! And last but not least Malin. This is probably what we would go for if we would ever get to attend such a glam wham bam event as the Elle Gala. Sexy, classy, mysterious, classic, beautiful neckline! There were two girls missing that would probably have been on this list. Angelica Blick and Fanny Lyckman. However, they were both missing in action. Would have loved to see what they would wear. Kudos to all the gurlz that went full on hollywood. Sweden needs that shit! Imagine getting to glam up like this?! What would YOU wear?


the perfect white shirtI’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for the perfect white shirt. Not too short, not see-trough, not too slim fit. I always go for boyfriend fit! I know what I want but can’t seem to find it and I’ve basically been shopping my entire life. It’s time to invest, even if it’s tad expensive.

white shirt
Soo this is somewhere near what I want. Something thats a little bit loose and looks great with skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. If you’ve seen a shirt like it maybe we can find the perfect crisp white shirt together? If you know where I can find it please send a comment. I’m sure we’re a lot of gals looking!



tray tablehaytray2
We love the Hay Tray Table! We got one for christmas in white size 54cm. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We’ll show you pictures after our old couch gets a last arrivederci, adieu, au revoir and a new one takes it’s place. Our size is perfect as a side table next to the couch. The larger one makes a really nice living room table. Click here to read more about Hays Tray Table.

Image via: first image via us,


We love this outfit on Victoria Törnegren..
Okey we love all Victorias outfits! However, we love it even MORE when she sports our Take-Away cup. For a coffee-holic like us it’s just a really nice accessory and it’s better for the environment, just wash it and use it everyday! Victorias Take-Away cup is called “I Swear On My Chanel Noir” and you can buy it HERE! Don’t forget to use the discount code: JANUARY for 6$ off your order (fraktfritt för Svenska ordrar med samma kod) valid until Sunday 19/01 2014 00.00. 


Okey soo after typing in “The Haute Pursuit” this morning it was official L-O-V-E for these earrings. There has been quite a few posts about Sophie Bille Brahe already but the praise is well deserved. This collection is soo beautiful. The bar is just perfection for someone like us with a tiny piercing fetisch (after our helix piercing heals we’ll be at it again) and a love for anything badass. Take a look at Sophies lookbook. Unfortunately these beauties are way over our budget, but we do know that most piercers have something gold with pearls – if not bars then look for rings. We know we will! 




We are currently decorating Sealoe HQ soo obviously office interior is the main thing right now! We’re thinking using our signature colors in our new office. That is, Gold, black, white and pink as an accent color. Aside from that we want to have a inspiring environment and i think you will like what we came up with. It’s pretty cool if we might say ourselves. Ok, so let’s get this show on the road. Sealoe Office Inspiration!

We love the hanger that looks like a towel hanger for a creative display of fashion magazines. And for the photowall, a combination of typography and cool photos rocks our world. It gives the wall harmony. Hang your favorite pictures next to your favorite Sealoe prints.

The perfect desk is, to us, filled with things that inspire creativity. A perfect desk is a personal desk, not stripped of personality like some corporate businesses force on their staff these days. However, if your boss is kind enough to let you be personal with your desk – keep it clean and not cluttered hehe. What inspires you is always personal. It can be a letter press from your grandfather, a hockey card or a flower. A happy employee is a inspired employee – field of work doesn’t matterdesk2Creativity is key for a company like Sealoe. You have to be creative and unique. This we want to channel in our new office. Relatable, fun, creative and UNIQUE. It’s easy to follow and do the exact same thing as everyone else but it was never our agenda. We wanted to create something fresh and “wow”. Something cool yet relatable. We wanted our customers to feel inspired when they visited our site, blog or instagram. We are soo happy with what Sealoe has become and excited to take yet another step forward and introduce new products!
When we found the shop “Flovery” on Etsy we were officially mind blown. Their flower arrangements look SOO real and beautiful. We need to have some of these for our office. Always blooming, never droopy. If your work requires travelling or if you’re just not that good with the greens this is def for you too. Visit their Etsy shop today!

office printsCreate What You Want To See | Inhale Exhale | Success | What Would Buddha Do? | Come What May | The World Is Your Freakin Oyster

And you will need something for your walls! Sealoe is the obvious choice, duuh! Keep it fun and relaxed. We love using gold prints to add some glam to a room with a gloom. Here’s a couple of prints that would suit any office environment.

Hope you liked it!
If any of these pics are yours – Let us know and we’ll credit you