Month: September, 2014


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always going never gone



This is always scary. Somehow it feels like with the photos you open up more. Show more of you. I love photography and I’ve always known what I would like to shoot, but like I said, this is always borderline terrifying. I usually close down all social media after a big launch and just sit watching documentaries acting like it’s all going just fine. Juust fine.. Breathing into a paper bag. Kidding. I just hope you like it as much as I do. I really, really love it and already have this collection all over my own home. It’s just what I imagined my walls to be dressed with. The model is just the essence of calm and serenity to me. Soo, soo beautifully peaceful. The collection goes live at 00.00 Swedish time 10/9 on Sealoe’s first birthday. Pre happy birthday to the greatest thing that ever happened to me besides love. The new collection is called “Never went to church” and features 5 photo prints in black and white. Sizes vary between 50x70cm, 60x80cm, 50x50cm and 40x60cm


Check in at Sealoe at midnight to see more of the prints!



September is finally here! I’m so frickin excited about fall every year. Love the fashion this time of year and being able to stock up on cosy pillows and blankets for netflix geekery. Figured I’d post a collage of my September Want-List featuring some new and some old(ish) Sealoe items. Very much in love with all of them but here’s a few you should take a extra look at this fall. They are going FAST! I really need to find those sunglasses, they’re amazing!

Sealoe Trendy Tray – Perfect for brekkies in bed.
OPI lincoln park after dark nail polish (my favorite)
Sealoe “Grandma’s Pearls” are selling FAST
Sealoe “I Go Loco For Coco” print coming soon
Anine Bing diamond ring
By Terry concealer, tried it and loved it!
Karen Walker Anytime-Crazy Turtoise sunnies (NEEED)
Sealoe “I Swear On My Chanel Noir” iPhone 5/5s case
Sealoe “I Swear On My Chanel” pillow
Byredo Perfums “Gypsy Water” (need a refill)
Le Cord USB cord in gold for the office
Stila liquid eyeliner for bold cat eyes