by sealoe


I’m in love with these kind of outfits – and I’m even MORE in love with the new prints we just launched. And those jeans man.. Those jeeeeans. Acne really knows their denim. I need to take a closer look at these. I actually got the Balenciaga bag this christmas. My fiance knows how much I love it and when I saw it sold out at Mytheresa I was soo annoyed and he was like “Though shit!”. Then he dropped a bunch of hints for my christmas gift and totally had me believing he had bought me a moped for christmas. Yazzzz, a moped haha! So Christmas eve he came over to my parents and carried a fucking helmet. I wanted to kill him. I’m super scared of driving in the snow and I was like, seriously.. You got me a moped and I have to take it for a test drive in 20cm snow!?!??!!??! He then proceeded to tell me to go down to my parents basement with the helmet and I had to go by myself. When I got down to my dads garage there was a Mytheresa box on a snow mobile (my dad is a mechanic) and I opened the box and it was the bag I wanted. I NEVER thought he would get me that bag. And I would have never guessed that HE had bought the last one at Mytheresa haha. I would never expect a gift like this, totally in awe. And my fiance and my entire family watched the whole thing live via Skype. He hid a camera so they streamed me getting my gift. Apparently it was the funniest shit ever tricking me into thinking I would get a moped for christmas ;) That’s why I love him. He’s super weird in the best of ways, almost as weird as me :)

The print in the middle is is going up on my apartment today. It’s just so inspiring to me. Did you know you get 10% off the new designs until 15/1 2015?